The BCT Triangle

The BCT Triangle The Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini — aka Sachem Wequarran Archimedes, aka MT Kaisiris Tallini, aka "BCT" — was born in the United States, but actually lost his US citizenship when he publicly denied, in the New York Times, that the island he calls Winnecomaq, or the area of the island that most intelligent Americans call "Western Long Island", is a part of New York City.

When one ceases to reside in New York City, one is no longer a New York City resident. That happened early on in BCT's life.

When one publicly denies that the place he was born in is a part of New York City, however, he also denies and refutes his New York City affiliation, and thus his New York state and United States affiliation.

There is no need to completely leave the state of New York, or the United States, since one's citizenship is based entirely on the jurisdiction one was born in, according to Roman law (jus soli) and Roman law alone. All one needs to do to refuse such affiliation, is to make the declaration outside of pseudo-borders of New York City, make the declaration public, and that was actually done!

Despite being born on the soil of the United States, and to one US citizen parent, since BCT doesn't have all the rights of a US citizen (in fact, he cannot become the next President or Vice President of the United States by law), one cannot say that simply being born in the United States made him a US citizen "freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion".

Since BCT was not a full US citizen even at birth, because of his dual citizen status, he was essentially born with limitations, in the so-called "land of the free", was born with a handicapped citizenship. Moreover, now he lives outside of the pseudo-borders of New York City, mainly on his private property, and under continuous harassment, under conditions of economic subjugation, and with continuous violation of his civil rights. Despite living in the US, BCT is not part of the United States already, or even the New York state community, and is even part of a prosecuted minority that has started its own town or community, the Fifth World Community (5WC), and even a new microcontinent or region, Global Earth Oceans (GEO).

Yet BCT is a Native American, since he was adopted by a Native American traditional organisation that is acknowledged by some recognised Native American tribes, bands, or traditional communities (unlike most Americans, who are not even "honourary Americans" before Native Americans, and whose citizenship was granted to them purely as the privilege, not right, of an imperial power that is oppressive even beyond the continent of North America); and has even formed his own tribe or confederation sui generis, the Ryamecah Confederation. (Please note that the despite appearances, the Ryamecah Confederation is not a Native American confederation [evidence], but a Native Global Earth Oceans [GEO] confederation, yet BCT has been attacked by Native Americans in the past on this issue as well.)

BCT has served for six years in an African-American community (Cambria Heights, New York), and is now Interim Deputy Minister of Information of the Republic of Cabinda, so he is an African resident for the purposes of a future citizen of the Republic of Cabinda status, and is thus an African by place of citizenship by naturalisation. BCT is also African in an additional way, as a Diplomat of the Government of Southern Cameroons.

BCT has served an India-based INGO in an exemplar way, and his book about the Ryamecah was not censored or restricted in any way in China, despite being very controversial. So BCT is slowly becoming something of an Asian by place of citizenship by naturalisation.

BCT considers himself an Antarctican by affiliation, since being born in a micronation, or becoming a micronationalist by affiliation, is like being physically born in Antarctica, or becoming an Antarctican by affiliation. BCT is even an independent Ambassador at Large to Antarctica (and Unrepresented or Underrepresented Polities), and has even served as Consul of Antarctica for an actual Native Antarctican (there are only 11 on the planet)!

So BCT is a Native American (the real McCoy, ie by adoption by Native Americans, and not the phoney kind of American created by European slave owners, who today somehow claim mastery over American citizenship, and yet are not even Commonwealth citizens, nor desire any Commonwealth affiliation); an Aboriginal European (the real McCoy, ie by tribal origin, not the phoney one without European ancestry, religion, and/or values); an African by naturalisation; an Antarctican by voluntary affiliation, even service to a Native Antarctican; and a GEO region resident sui generis.