Hon. Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini Affiliations, Nationalities, Citizenships, or Delineations

  • World's first full Antarctic citizen by affiliation since March 2018; he has also proudly served as the real and perhaps first Consul of Antarctica for one of Antarctica's 11 Natives in January 2014, and has been affiliated with the region since December 2012
  • Citizen of Winnecomaq or Long Island   by declaration (he considers himself a citizen of the Commonwealth by historic right, without recognition by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office)
  • Honorary Citizen of Canada by declaration since January 2008
  • Native American national by adoption (July 2011), ordination (February 2015), and tribalisation (March 2018); he was originally adopted, and later ordained by a Native American traditional organisation that is recognised by a US state government (Missouri Secretary of State), by tribal organisations (Oklevueha/Sioux Nation Native American Church), and by tribal holy people (Maca Oyate Sundance Society representing 52 tribal elders)
  • Academically adopted by Penn State Alumni Association for life since May 2011
  • Academically adopted by California Alumni Association for life since October 2010
  • Academically adopted by University of Phoenix Alumni Association for life since April 2007
  • Academically adopted by Chamber of Computer Logistics People (CCLP) Worldwide for life since August 2011
  • Delineate of Global Earth Oceans (GEO) region by origin since March 2018
  • Resident citizen of Fifth World Community (5WC) by natural right since October 2017
  • Resident citizen of the World [by right as a citizen of Fifth World Community (5WC) — Nota Bene: HMRD Cesidio Tallini is not associated with any World Citizen organisation just like Diogenes of Sinope wasn't]
  • Societal citizen of Saint René Descartes University since March 2018
  • First national of Ryamecah Confederation by tribal creation since March 2018
  • Political national of The Tallini Family since January 2018
  • Religiously ordained Bishop of Cesidian Church since April 2007
  • Quasi-Pontinhanese  national since December 2017
  • Quasi-Ouranian national since March 2018

  • Aboriginal European (Hernici tribe) national by tribal origin since March 2018
  • Delineate of Africa region by naturalisation since March 2018
  • Republic of Cabinda citizen by naturalisation since March 2018
  • Southern Cameroons citizen by naturalisation since March 2018